Why you are chosen to live in this time?

Have you ever thought of why you are chosen to live in this time? A time where mass destruction is at its peak, a time where the rich becomes richer and the poor become poorer, and a time where not even the brightest light could light up the darkest of room and hearts.

Tonight, my question was answered.

It is when things are at their worst that God will raise the best generation. God thinks you – yes you – were born for this time. The transitions of time and change didn’t happened just for the sake of time. The understanding of the changes and transitions of time seeks deeper knowledge about the signs and manifestations of the end of time.

When we become more aware of the signs of the end of time, we have to not get overwhelmed with the manifestations of the worldly news around us. In fact, this awareness brings about higher level of purpose within us to find solutions to be the change we want to see.

If we cannot change it with our hands, change it with our tongue, if not with our heart.



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