What if I was a tree?

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What if I was a tree? 
I would hold on strong to my roots
The warmth it radiates to my every branches and leaves
The anchor beneath the weight of the Earth
To ground me

What if I was a tree?
I would be the tree that shelter the vulnerable
The tree that feel the fears and see the tears 
The tree who knows the truth about them
To be the constant that they need

What if I was a tree?
I would fall in love with the leaf litter 
Even when I am stretched way up high
It replenishes my soul (soil) and foster interesting form of life
To build the forest we can eventually call home

The forest is more than just a bunch of trees
Each individual tree is unique to its own strength
Just like how humans are, living in this Earth 
Be the strength that you can be
Be the tree that you need to be


I’m guilty

I’m guilty.

Guilty of being the creatures of habit we’ve become.

We shamble across oceans of worldly pleasures, when the ship sails down to the Hereafter.

We take out life’s greatest quotes to make us feel wiser, when in us there’s a disease of making everything seems easier.

We gravitate towards instant gratification, when patience in itself become a world of tension.

So where do we go from here? Where do we go when the heart is filled with oceans of worldly pleasure?

We dived further into these oceans, hoping someday the heart will bring us out.

But it never did. Because the heart knew where it belongs – not in the ocean of worldly pleasures but in the ocean of constant remembrance of the One.