36hrs in Penang, Malaysia

16th – 18th January

While I was still working, Penang has always been in my list of random destination to travel to whenever there’s a free weekend around the corner – but it never did. So when Air Asia had their annual year end sale last year and had flights to Penang for $88.18 SGD round trip inclusive of taxes, I grabbed it. And without realizing, it was also my first leisure travel trip alone apart from the numerous work travels that required me to travel alone. 

Random street in Georgetown

Penang was full of random surprises. I didn’t had a plan and almost forgot that I was traveling to Penang until about 3 days before the departure date. So I did what I know best and googled for the best things to do in Penang upon reaching its airport. I came across multiple list and I wasn’t satisfied. So I made up my mind to just wing it and travel to wherever that my feet brings me to.

I love walking and Penang, Georgetown is a great destination to pretty much walk aimlessly and still be intrigued by the random things you can find along the streets. In summary, my #36hrs adventure in Penang led me to discover a few hidden gems within the city, performed my 5 daily prayers in a mosque – my hostel was just opposite the mosque, hiked up and down Penang Hill for 4hrs, and had the best Sup Kambing ever (mutton soup).

But what I loved most about this trip, is the multiple intimate time I had with my own thoughts.

  1. Traveling alone will trigger approximately one million thoughts throughout your journey – day and night.
    And for a girl who constantly have a million thoughts regardless if I’m traveling or not, the struggle came about when I was not able to share these thoughts with anyone on the spot. Trust me, I get excited and thrilled with new experiences or anything interesting that caught my attention easily and during the trip, I find myself eventually talking to myself and laughing on my own to declutter these thoughts. But then I realise, maybe this is just me beginning to appreciate and be more conscious of the thoughts in my head amidst all the noise and clutter of everyday living.
  2. I found myself being torn apart in deciding if I should be myself or to take the advantage of being a total stranger in another country by putting up a different persona.
    For instance, I love having conversations and its always easy for me to strike one with a stranger. But while I was in Penang, I found myself trying to avoid conversations and people in my hostel just because I felt more comfortable being alone. Maybe its the novelty of having the luxury of doing things on my own and the constant learning to conceptualised my thoughts and actions into a memorable traveling experience that triggered this behaviour. Time felt so precious when you are alone.
  3. My decision making process got tested
    Inevitably when I’m are traveling alone, it felt like I’m living the famous phrase “It’s every man for himself.” I questioned myself for every decision that I made especially on the 4hrs trek up and down a 45 degree slope just to reach the peak of Penang Hill in 30 degree celsius weather. I almost died. But I realised, I actually love getting my mind tested in this element – decision making process. It creates this illusion that I’m actually using my brain for something useful.
  4. Traveling alone engages your senses up to 1000x as per your usual usage
    My eyes wander more and I became more aware of my surroundings and everything that is in my pathway seems to be interesting even if its not – probably because I’ve got to figure out how to entertain myself without being judged.
  5. This was somewhat surprising, but traveling alone somehow felt like I was casually traveling and exploring in my own country, only coming home to a different sleeping environment at the end of the day
    And maybe that’s the best part of all of this, feeling more assured that traveling has always gave me the comfort and sense of adventure that I need – always.

    P.S Check out my favourite photos of this trip here. 



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