6 surprising things I didn’t know about being an aunt

Part of my gap year intention is to also spend more time with my family and being more available in taking care of my nephew. When I’m not traveling, I’m usually at home being a part time nanny. It’s been almost a month and I think I’m a pro at this.

My journey in becoming the coolest aunt to my new born nephew begins right now – every single waking hour of his life is my golden ticket to win his heart.

But throughout this journey so far, nobody told me that…

  1. My priorities would change
    Your life would clearly revolve around this little human being. I’d come home earlier than usual whenever I’m out running errands or meeting friends and at times blowing off hanging out with friends so that I can do my aunty duties. My day to day activities at home now includes feeding time, changing diapers and breakfast, lunch, dinner conversations that he clearly don’t understand which brings me to my second point.

    Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

  2. My imaginary storytelling skill increases
    You begin to blabber random stories and sharing it with him at random hours of the day. It usually involves life pep talk, imaginary animal friends and food that he should try as he grow older. And the best part is, you are allowed to be weird in public without looking like a fool.
  3. Increase level of hormones
    Nobody told me that taking care of your sibling’s baby will make you want to have one of your own as soon as possible but who am I kidding, I don’t even have a boyfriend right now.
  4. My phone runs out of storage quickly
    No surprises here as I wouldn’t want to miss every single cute face and actions that he ever made.
  5. My poop smell tolerance level gets better 
    Who am I kidding? Getting peed and puked by a little human being is the greatest blessing one could ever have. I can never run away from it.
  6. The pressure to have kids comes off me a little
    At least for a few months before the conversation begins again because the pressure of getting married by my parents is higher. Well, Ma/Pa for now its a see you later because I’ll be out traveling for a week tomorrow. Just pray that you’ll find a future son-in-law during my travels.



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